A weekend with mom and dad

My folks still live on the other side of town where I grew up.  You’d think they lived on the other side of the world as little as we make it down to visit.  Juggling 3 kids, work, and a life that sometimes gets in the way, makes jumping in the jeep and running down to see mom and dad a “get a round-tuit” kinda thing.  It doesn’t happen as often as it should.

I found a round-tuit, and I’m heading  to mom and dads.  Here’s a pic I took while floating in their pool last time I made it down there.  I suspect between home cooked meals, and moving t.v.’s around (my dad can’t ever figure out which rooms he wants which t.v.’s in so I’m always having to rearrange them when I visit), I’ll spend the majority of my time floating in their pool, and chasing bass around their private lake with a lure.



10 thoughts on “A weekend with mom and dad

  1. hoosierboy says:

    If ,y parents had a place like that I would be there all the time, I do not care if they had 15 TVs to move every day

  2. fyremandoug says:

    Enjoy the time Count it slips away to quick
    and drink Mas Cerveza in that pool man, it’s sweet

  3. dick says:

    Sweet lake.

  4. sohos says:

    I can’t wait 😉

  5. Very nice pool and I hope you have a blast!

  6. aprilwine says:

    Wow! I’m coming with you to mom and dad’s. I need a tan!

  7. Jerry says:

    Are Mom and Dad looking to adopt a 40ish son?

  8. God I hate you. Lovingly of course.

    So. When I get my fine milfy ass down there, can I visit my new adopted parents? Just think Count. Me and SoHo’s both in bikini’s in the pool. What more do you need.

    Thank you.

    I still hate you. Lovingly of course.

  9. […] Published October 13th, 2007 Current Affairs , Entertainment , Random A week ago I posted that we were heading down to mom and dads. Good times as usual. Here’s the run down, and the typical […]

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